This is a fictional blog, a lot of these stories are from my life as a child, and a mixture of my own kids stories. Keep checking back daily to find more exciting stories from the life of Elvis Henry Griffin!


Welcome to my diary.
I’m just your average 10 year old with an average family! NOT!
My dad is a mad scientist,
My sister is a TEENAGER,
My mom is pretty normal,
Oh yeah, I play video games and
rock out on guitar (air guitar solo).
Did I forget to mention that my name is

If you wanted to read one of those
normal family blogs,
or find a diary of a kid
that is perfect,
Please click back 2 or three times…

Deep down,
I wouldn’t trade my family for the world.
We may seem strange at times (most of the time),
but we love each other!
That’s what a family is,
a crazy group of people that love each other.

Peace out, and enjoy my blog, unless you don’t.